Do you have photos that you never look at, are they color faded and torn?
Restoration is the answer.

Do you have records that are rare and you don't have a turntable to play them on?
CD is the answer.

Would you like to re-cut your Wedding video and put it onto DVD with your favorite music and narration?
You can even add anniversary footage to show how the years have gone by.

These services and many more are provided by KW multi-media.

I have been doing Multi-Media work for over 10 years and have done everything
from PowerPoint presentations to family home movies on DVD complete with
sound effects, narration, sophisticated titles and transitions.

Photographs and slides are prone to deterioration but can be saved on disk and given to family and friends or, for a business, be archived for permanence.

Many services are available ranging from graphic elements (graphics for print)
Web animations, logo designs and document construction and a new feature
the flashBook puts documents , images, animations and weblinks into a
self-contained program that can be navigated like a webpage, but runs alone.
For presentation ideas visit the graphic services page to see inter-active
slide shows for businesses.

Most graphic images can be placed into different formats such as photos into
video and animations and video frames can be captured for print.
See the museum design example of pdf. file construction.

In the sound area I can transfer records to CD and remove most
of the noise and "clicks" and brighten up the sound.
In some cases the sound can be sped up without changing its pitch.

Browse the site and contact me if you need something done,
large and small all jobs are all welcome!

Welcome to the Kellerwerk Multi-Media Web site